Miles of beach, a colorful Jesuit village on top of a cliff and constant breeze. Welcome to Trancoso. This sublime piece of Costa do Descobrimento is a meeting point for attuned travelers who surrender to the high-low, rustic and chic, bucolic and bohemian style. The days follow the rhythm of the tide, with horseback riding, trips to neighboring villages and capoeira circles. When the sun goes down, the buzz revolves around art galleries, artisans' shops, trendy pop-ups, forró, trendy parties and homemade cuisine and haute cuisine restaurants.
The story
Originally founded by the Portuguese Jesuits who arrived in the years that followed the Discovery of Brazil, Trancoso was rediscovered by hippies in the 1970s. Enchanted by the landscape of 150 km of remote sands, they started to occupy the houses with the fishermen who lived there. . The space, then, was limited to the small group of houses flanking a large lawn with a small church in the background. Today, the Square, as it is called, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the São João Batista Church is the stage for countless cool weddings. Everything very discreet and uncluttered.
The construction of the asphalt road and the arrival of electricity, in the 1980s, “revealed” the destination to the world, mainly to the Europeans who, decided to exchange the stress of the big urban centers for a peaceful life, in the mid-2000s, inaugurated the most sophisticated boutiques, galleries, restaurants and inns. Thus, Trancoso entered the map of the most visited and popular destinations in the world, preserving, however, its unexplored character.