Etnia Casa Hotel is committed to preserving the environment and adopts a series of sustainability actions, such as waste recycling and composting. The property supports the Associação Despertar Trancoso (ADT), which defends the fundamentals and practices of sustainable tourism as a solution to preserve the natural and historical heritage of Trancoso, one of the most beautiful destinations in Brazil. The projects developed by ADT are primarily focused on humanization, arousing curiosity and creativity and developing self-esteem. ADT believes that, with commitment, it will be possible to achieve professional qualification results and show that, through sustainable tourism, social integrity, prosperity and conservation can be guaranteed. 
Through the organization Brazilian Luxury Travel Association (BLTA), of which it is a member, Etnia Casa Hotel also supports Alcatrazes, the oceanic archipelago with the highest level of endemism (term used to name species that only exist in certain places) known until now . It has been the target of shooting tests by the Brazilian Navy and today is an example of the success of an environmental movement, in addition to being the largest breeding site for seabirds on the national coast. It has the largest marine biodiversity in the Southeast-South region, surpassing the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha in diversity of fish species.